Our strategic location next to the port of Durres and few kilometers from the International Airport of Tirana (TIA) enables us to provide responsive and competitive ocean and air freight in both import and export. Diamant is able to operate in over 80 countries worldwide thanks to its strategic and strong partnerships that share same value and passion for logistics.

On the container sector, Diamant tailors its collaboration with the main carriers in Albania with its logistics expertise to achieve the best solutions to your company’s needs. For the past few years, we have also been offering LCL services from China and the main ports of Asia as part of the increasing demand of such services in most of our customers.

As for the air shipments, the company also takes pride in its background and experience with express and normal cargo deliveries, from samples to pallets, making the most of the airlines operating in TIA. In the cases in which the cargo exceeds the dimension’s limits allowed to these airlines, then we do find other multimodal solutions in order to move your cargo safely and on time into Albania.

Ocean and Air Freight

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