Diamant Logistics has been providing trucking services since 1994. With a wide range trucking fleet, the company is able to meet the costumers’ diverse and ever-changing demands with fast responsive deliveries.

For many years, Diamant is specialised in international transports on full trucks and consolidated cargo from various European countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, the UK, and Eastern Europe, on weekly basis in both import and export. Thanks to its logistics terminal and bonded area, the company is able to guarantee efficient and responsive services on all consolidated cargo by avoiding customs delays, providing temporary storage facilities, and offering a personalised distribution to each customer. The company has also brought together some of the most experienced and professional forwarders who are responsible and capable to suggest the best logistics solutions, adding value to both Diamant and its clients.

As safety has become one of the company’s principles, Diamant is always trying to boost its sustainability program through the implementation of procedures that consist in cargo security, trucking maintenance and drivers training. Diamant uses IVMS/GPS on all of its trucking vehicles and fleet; a tool that enables a better cargo visibility and vehicle analysis on its itinerary, improved speed and driver behaviour. Moreover, the company applies on all of its transports the CMR insurance policy in order to fill in for possible damages or losses during the transportation of any cargo, if necessary. Additional terms and information about this policy can be enquired from one of our forwarders.

Transportation Manager

Ledia Lezo
Tel : +355 52 901 056
Mobile : +355 674083231