The competitive advantage that gives Diamant responsiveness at its transports, is performing customs operations through its own customs agency, represented by two offices, in Durres and Tirana; in disposal to whoever needs customs brokerage, without limitation to the transport carrier.

Our customs agents are specialised in providing responsive import, export and transit customs procedures through all of the Albanian Customs offices, including ports, borders, and the airport.

Being in compliance with Albanian Customs Code is our top priority and that is why our team is always supporting our customers to better understand the requirements of Albanian Customs and suggest the best procedure to follow in advance, so once the cargo arrives it can be cleared straight away.

As a result of its extended experience with many international enterprises in the oil and gas, construction, automotive, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry, Diamant provides support in obtaining all kinds of authorisations related to import/export procedures, such as temporary authorization, outward/inward processing authorization and customs duties exemptions.

You have a question about Albanian Customs Code? Ask one of our customs agents! We are pleased to help.

Customes Agency Manager

Albion Vrana
Mobile : +355 67 4030809